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As an immigrant, we always get overjoyed traveling to India for summer vacation.Looking back at my 10 yrs in US, my visit to India was almost every year with family.
I had traveled with my husband and my kids all these years. Being married early and having my first daughter at the age of 22 had never left me alone for a second.

My visit to india in may 2010 was for 2 weeks and alone. After the tearful departure at the airport, I found myself settling in the waiting seat . I have no words to describe the emotions I had at the moment I became aware of being alone. I was surrounded by a huge crowd in the airport. I felt pin drop silence in spite of the noices.I took out my kindle(my birthday gift from my husband) and tried to focus and read . I had no constant distractions from my kids , I had no restroom visits to take care of at the last moment, I had no sibling fights to handle. I had time to read a book. I was all by myself. I couldn’t focus. My eyes were wet and my hands searched for my cell phone. I typed a miss you text to my husband’s cell number. I waited gazing at the phone. My heart beeped at the sms reply from him. I looked at the family picture in my cell . I was staring at my kids faces and for some reason I felt guilty.


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Anytime people invent, question arises on both it’s benefits and impacts. Comparing our lives to the lives of the ¬†people before the revolution , technology does look like a boon.
The lifestyles,the infant mortality rates, the ability to travel, the ability to communicate around the world, the ability to gain knowledge quicker,housing conditions,variety of food,quality of life, the medical revolution … the list goes on.

Can you imagine a world now with no emails, internet and cell phones? Pagers,black berries, laptops – working people have the flexibility now to work anytime, anywhere with no barriers of distance , time
and travel.The luxury of getting hold of people is more in this modern era. The words are not going up in the air anymore. You can save the words,replay and capture memories digitally.
It’s technology everywhere. With a tiny webcam, people all around the world are connected virtually .We work virtually. I can relate to this working style of no more in person conference meetings.
WebEx and Instant meetings occur all around the world every single minute connecting people. Kids are even taught via webex nowadays. A teacher in boston tutors a kid in new york. World is changing.

If you think about it, the freedom of speech and expression had gone beyond imagination. Blogging is the most popular trend now.
Every single person can blog about his/her interests, hobbies and share with like-minded people.
The different innovations had taken today’s life to a level of comfort and convenience.
In every field we see man-made miracles making our lives easier.

True,true this technology evolution is mind-blowing .

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I’m feeling rather philosophical today. I came across an article in my favorite magazine Prevention.
The author discusses about happiness and positive thinking. It made me think about our personal happiness.
All of our beliefs and feelings are based on our inner thoughts,both conscious and sub conscious.
When it comes to how happy or unhappy we are, we are the boss. Have we ever thought about what makes us happy?

Most of the time, we let situations beyond our control rule our lives. People will do selfish and dumb things and sometimes things may be just unfair, but the worst damage that anyone can do to you is what you allow them to.You may end up with a broken heart because a best friend lets you down or frustrated with not much recognition at work/personal life, but why stress yourself paying for their mistake?

Our happiness is our personal choice. It’s our life and the only one who can really ruin our life is us.
Accepting another individual is not an easy task. It takes lot of courage and insight . If you don’t like someone, make a questionnaire in your inner mind. Ask yourself if it’s the specific action that makes you mad. Bring that person’s positive qualities upfront. Think about all the good qualities he/she has. When you zoom in the positive, the negatives will become minimized.

This rule can be applied both at work and personal life. Hatred towards someone is one of the top rankers in depriving someone’s happiness. A positive outlook of people and every aspect of life will sure bring back the enthusiasm and drive out the unhappiness we feel at times.

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I’m a crazy fan of quotations. I’m the one who inscribe quotes on the inside covers of the books i give to my friends. My english projects in school always had quotes . I still stick post it notes with quotes at my work. I love to send quotes to colleagues and friends on occasions. See, I told you. I’m one big quotes fan.

It helps me express my thoughts in a way I had perceived.
So I thought why not start it as a feature in this blog?

Look for my weekend quotes every week. Pause for a moment from the busy week and ponder on the positive quotes before you begin your next routine.

Here is the pick for this week…

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing,
is giving up on being perfect
and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

Courtesy:Anna Quindlen.

What’s your favorite Quote?

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