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 I wanted to know whether everyone is prioritizing god and godly service in their busy schedule?

If so, how much time that you are spending for God?

I came from an orthodox conservative family. Every morning, I used to sit in pooja room (30 mts!) memorizing mantras, fasting on auspicious day (more than 3 days in a week). Definitely, I was not forced to do that and somehow I got into that habit. If I failed to do that, I felt like the whole day was screwed up.  In a way, I felt like it was a result of not thanking god that day. Was it God Fear? I cannot name that feeling.

Well, I am giving 30 sec as of today thanking for everything that I have (before hitting the car).  My husband is a non-believer and he believes in doing good things to others and donating to orphanage (instead of temple). However, he won’t question my belief and he will come to temple and he loves to munch temple snacks.

He is not stopping me in anyway. It’s me!!! I have not prioritized my belief in my special list.

My special list has Kumon / school homework, Dinner and lunch packs, House chores, Running errands, Client tasks and Follow up items for my offshore team day, returning my friend phone call & goes on. It is purely family and work centric only. I rarely fast nowadays.

I have to agree that I don’t have guilt that anymore. I don’t have God fear anymore (at least most of the time). If my kids / my husband get sick, then I am questioning my belief again. My belief haunts me.  I will go to pooja room and pray for their recovery. Visit temple that week end. I feel energized/ forgived and that will go for a while until next doctor visit / somehow hurts me deep down.  

I discussed this with my parents. They are very cool. (Should I say soo00 Americanized) Their explanation is, as long as you are taking care of my family & work, you are covered. It is equivalent to godly service.  I don’t know whether they are trying to be supportive of their kids.

I really want to hear from all moms and your take on this belief topic. Please chime in …

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WorkingMom's Journey

Working mom – Just say this word once to yourself and see how u feel.

Forget about guilt for a minute and ask this question to you.

If you are getting introduced to some new people, what you will do?…… share the name, where u r from? How many kids? ….and what’s the next question? Are u working? When you answer this question, how do u feel? Be honest.

When I married and came to this country, almost most of the time people hit me with this question.

I was like….what did I do? Why did I got married? Is my life end up being a homemaker (now at least I’m matured enough to say this word)? If this is the case why my dad spend so much lakhs for my college, ecommerce, java and oracle courses… But seriously my dad did make a good choice by giving my hand to this wonderful person……of course I’m talking about my husband(duhh!)

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Indian Working Moms in American Soil – isn’t the name interesting? Yes. We are indian working moms living in american soil for years.Earlier america was a distant dream. Now, one person from every indian household is in america. Being an indian working mom presents its own challenges. In addition to day-to-day activities, bringing up children in a different culture is not an easy job.We created this blog because we believe that having a forum where working moms can share their experiences, advice and support with each other can make a difference.Please join us and speak through your honest voices your concerns,advice and ideas to other moms looking for a relief from their daily jobs.

Working moms include all full-time, part-time, at home, away from home and small business owners.We also welcome moms who stay home , who worked before, who plan to work in future to join this blog.We need support from all women.

Please begin your contributions by posting personal and informative articles, start a great discussion on relevant topics and do invite your other working mom friends to the forum.
We look forward to see all your great ideas and sharing. We all are experts in our own fields. Why not, share and inspire others?

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