Happy Mommy, Happy Family

HappyMomMom – This word has so much power and strength in itself. Isn’t it? Look at your mom, your grand ma – the older generation moms. They have no life of their own. When you are young, you are called as someone’s daughter. You get married , you are called someone’s wife. You give birth to a child and you are someone’s mom. Your identity keeps changing. It becomes complete when you become a Mom.
Along the long run, you turn back and look at your life. It’s filled with a lot except YOU.

Moms live their life for their children. Their first priority is always their kids. You eat after they eat, you sleep after they sleep. Your mind is filled with your kids issues, homework, activities, rehearsals, events and what not? Do you take a moment to pause and think about YOU?

Not many of us have that liberty and time. Do you know this lack of me time creeps in your inner mind and makes you depressed at times? Do you know the reason behind your blues and hysteric outbursts at times? We don’t realize we are building up volcanoes within ourselves .

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Weekly feature – Quotations


I’m a crazy fan of quotations. I’m the one who inscribe quotes on the inside covers of the books i give to my friends. My english projects in school always had quotes . I still stick post it notes with quotes at my work. I love to send quotes to colleagues and friends on occasions. See, I told you. I’m one big quotes fan.

It helps me express my thoughts in a way I had perceived.
So I thought why not start it as a feature in this blog?

Look for my weekend quotes every week. Pause for a moment from the busy week and ponder on the positive quotes before you begin your next routine.

Here is the pick for this week…

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing,
is giving up on being perfect
and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

Courtesy:Anna Quindlen.

What’s your favorite Quote?

There is a fine line between being confident and aggressive. I have witnessed in my own career and come across many articles where confident, strong women are often perceived as overbearing and bitchy.

It is unfortunate that women don’t support each other as men seem to.
Today’s young women leaders face opposition from the older women generation at work. Instead of being mentors , the older women give negative reactions to their younger counterparts hindering their growth.

I’m sure every one of us would have faced this challenge at work. There is a scarcity of women leaders and I honestly believe we should network better and support each other.

To be tough and strong is required for some job skill sets. There will be wrong perceptions at times of your leadership. Never step back . Step ahead with confidence and one day you will be accepted .

What is your challenge at work? Are you called bossy at times?

Do you know, friendships are being marketed as the best way to beat stress? Not a myth , a definite fact.
The researchers, doctors recommend having closely knit friends circle to keep yourself healthy.

On one of my doctor’s visits( oh my, i had a dozen visit this winter – credit to crazy atlanta weather) , I saw an interesting snippet of ad in the tv. Three things to do to avoid catching colds:

1. Exercise
2.Wash your hands often
3. Socialize with friends.

It really threw me back. Friends??? An apple a day keeps doctor away. I know that. What’s about friends?

I realized then the benefit of having someone to listen to you.
A sound mind, a sound body. Medicine practioners are preaching about friendships and how it can help you build your immunity.

I could feel my heart lighter when i chat with my friends. It’s my daily routine to go out for a walk with two of my office colleagues. I don’t go for long hours but a 20 – 30 min walk with friends does wonder for my well being.

With busy lifestyle, it is hard to maintain strong friendships. I was never good in that. My husband is my inspiration for friendships. I have started connecting more and it does help me.

Have a friend and stay healthy.

This seems to be the new slogan.

I’d love to hear how you all are keeping up with friends? Do you have regular catch up schedules?

If you feel working and staying away from your child makes you a bad mom – you are not alone. At least once , every working mom feels that way.So, how do you deal with the feelings of guilt?
Do you stress yourself and make things worse at personal and work front? Then it’s time to fix it.

We all face different feelings all the time.Successful are those who deal with it the right way.You cannot fix it right away but can find ways to mitigate the impact.

Write it down:

Pen the reasons that make you feel guilty. Everyone of us work for different reasons. We all want money. We all want to do something useful with the education we had received. We want to set an example of being a strong , independent and multitasking woman to our kids.
Are you not able to balance work and personal life due to work pressure?
Are you not getting help from your spouse?
Where is the time spent most? Are you indulging too much in-house work after job hours?

Finding answers to the above questions can help you nail down the problem.
You may not be able to fix the issue right away but may find solutions in the long run.

Making some small changes in day-to-day life always pays off in the long run.
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Welcome aboard!

Indian Working Moms in American Soil – isn’t the name interesting? Yes. We are indian working moms living in american soil for years.Earlier america was a distant dream. Now, one person from every indian household is in america. Being an indian working mom presents its own challenges. In addition to day-to-day activities, bringing up children in a different culture is not an easy job.We created this blog because we believe that having a forum where working moms can share their experiences, advice and support with each other can make a difference.Please join us and speak through your honest voices your concerns,advice and ideas to other moms looking for a relief from their daily jobs.

Working moms include all full-time, part-time, at home, away from home and small business owners.We also welcome moms who stay home , who worked before, who plan to work in future to join this blog.We need support from all women.

Please begin your contributions by posting personal and informative articles, start a great discussion on relevant topics and do invite your other working mom friends to the forum.
We look forward to see all your great ideas and sharing. We all are experts in our own fields. Why not, share and inspire others?