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Parenting ————

This single word has so much weight and depth to it. We all have our own parenting styles. I’m still learning each day on parenting two young girls.

I read on article on how to raise happy, healthy children.
The article laid out a few things parents can do to light up their children life.
As I went over them in my head, i decided to do a self check.

Here they are, read through them and perform a self check yourself.

  • If you do all the below things, you are on right track and your kids are lucky.
    If you do some of them and not consistent , now is the time to rethink and work on it.
    If you do none of these, please take an immeidate action to change your style.

1.Tell them you love them every day:

“I love you” – the power of these 3 words is boundless. Never let a day slip by without saying these words to your kids.
Letting your kids know of your love every day boosts their security and confidence level.

2.Tell them you are glad to be their parents :

Reiterating positive words does bring an amazing personality change. At times, kids get overwhelmed and they undergo a rough time with their activities.
Their confidence soar high when we let them know they are valued. Expect a smile and may be “Iam glad to be your kid” from them.

3.Be an example:

I’m sure this is not easy. We all lose the fact that kids mirror us most of the times. We yell at them asking them to be quiet. We give them mixed results. We confuse them.
We expect them to be disciplined while we are not. Show them how you can be a better yourself in everything you do. It’s very true we learn and we change with our kids.

4.Laugh with them :

One simple thing my husband and i do is to watch curious george or kids shows with my kids and laugh with them.
Try to laugh at their jokes even if they are not funny. Teach them the value of being fun and taking things lighter.
Sometimes, acting funny will ease up a power struggle or conflict with your kids.

5.Hug them:

A parental hug is priceless. Hug them all the time to appreciate, to assure, to cherish and to love.

6. Be there for them:

It’s not about the toys, clothes, the money you spend for them. It’s about being there for your kids when they are sick, when they are happy, when they are sad and when they need you.
Sit down and have a moment with them. The ability to count on you will take your child a long way in life.

7.Listen to them:

This is again the toughest one. Most of the times, kids complain “You never listen to me”, “You always want to talk first”.
As we want our kids to listen to us, it becomes important for us to listen.
It’s always better to start a converstaion with “You go first” step.
They will learn to listen as we give them the priority to talk first.

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To be a successful working mom, the key is “being organized”. This key ingredient makes work/life balance happy and stress free. Getting up early (even if it’s just 10 minutes) will make a big difference in our day to day life.

These are some simple ways to be efficient working mom:

  1. Prioritize your work and act accordingly. It’s not that you have to cook everyday a full fledged meal, make sure your feeding your family and yourself nutritious and balanced food.
  2.  Always keep in touch with your kids teachers through emails, this will help you to keep up with the happenings in school, I always request my kids teacher to schedule the parent teachers conference at 6.45 am (that is, if you get a flexible teacher). That way I never missed a single conference.
  3. I also make to-do list for the entire week and update my calendar. I never missed any event in my kids school whether it’s a international potluck dinner or reading under stars, pajama day, be a mystery reader in the classroom and help to take them AR test. I will always be there.
  4. Once you prove yourself a dedicated worker, you will surely be rewarded with the flexible timing schedule at your work. I can’t stay at work after 4.00 pm, my mind will start to think how fast I can catch the train and pick my kid from the daycare. They do know that I will always login after 8.30 pm and complete my work.


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