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Anytime people invent, question arises on both it’s benefits and impacts. Comparing our lives to the lives of the ¬†people before the revolution , technology does look like a boon.
The lifestyles,the infant mortality rates, the ability to travel, the ability to communicate around the world, the ability to gain knowledge quicker,housing conditions,variety of food,quality of life, the medical revolution … the list goes on.

Can you imagine a world now with no emails, internet and cell phones? Pagers,black berries, laptops – working people have the flexibility now to work anytime, anywhere with no barriers of distance , time
and travel.The luxury of getting hold of people is more in this modern era. The words are not going up in the air anymore. You can save the words,replay and capture memories digitally.
It’s technology everywhere. With a tiny webcam, people all around the world are connected virtually .We work virtually. I can relate to this working style of no more in person conference meetings.
WebEx and Instant meetings occur all around the world every single minute connecting people. Kids are even taught via webex nowadays. A teacher in boston tutors a kid in new york. World is changing.

If you think about it, the freedom of speech and expression had gone beyond imagination. Blogging is the most popular trend now.
Every single person can blog about his/her interests, hobbies and share with like-minded people.
The different innovations had taken today’s life to a level of comfort and convenience.
In every field we see man-made miracles making our lives easier.

True,true this technology evolution is mind-blowing .

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