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WorkingMom's Journey

Working mom – Just say this word once to yourself and see how u feel.

Forget about guilt for a minute and ask this question to you.

If you are getting introduced to some new people, what you will do?…… share the name, where u r from? How many kids? ….and what’s the next question? Are u working? When you answer this question, how do u feel? Be honest.

When I married and came to this country, almost most of the time people hit me with this question.

I was like….what did I do? Why did I got married? Is my life end up being a homemaker (now at least I’m matured enough to say this word)? If this is the case why my dad spend so much lakhs for my college, ecommerce, java and oracle courses… But seriously my dad did make a good choice by giving my hand to this wonderful person……of course I’m talking about my husband(duhh!)

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