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To be a successful working mom, the key is “being organized”. This key ingredient makes work/life balance happy and stress free. Getting up early (even if it’s just 10 minutes) will make a big difference in our day to day life.

These are some simple ways to be efficient working mom:

  1. Prioritize your work and act accordingly. It’s not that you have to cook everyday a full fledged meal, make sure your feeding your family and yourself nutritious and balanced food.
  2.  Always keep in touch with your kids teachers through emails, this will help you to keep up with the happenings in school, I always request my kids teacher to schedule the parent teachers conference at 6.45 am (that is, if you get a flexible teacher). That way I never missed a single conference.
  3. I also make to-do list for the entire week and update my calendar. I never missed any event in my kids school whether it’s a international potluck dinner or reading under stars, pajama day, be a mystery reader in the classroom and help to take them AR test. I will always be there.
  4. Once you prove yourself a dedicated worker, you will surely be rewarded with the flexible timing schedule at your work. I can’t stay at work after 4.00 pm, my mind will start to think how fast I can catch the train and pick my kid from the daycare. They do know that I will always login after 8.30 pm and complete my work.


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