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I am not an athletic person.
Right from school days until now i am not into any physically challenging sports.
But here’s the funny thing.When i got into sixth grade, i somehow ended up on the long jump competition.
My first effort in long jump ended up with a sprained back. My sports story wrapped up as soon as it began.

As you know , in India sports teachers never minded kids with no athletic drive. I was more into activities like music, writing etc.
Fitness and health had no place in my dictionary.
As many sedentary people – I gained weight. I was plump and round since my childhood and didn’t find a reason to lose weight.Marriage , kids and my job added more weight. My weight became part of my life.

After all these years,I’ve found something “athletic” I enjoy. Yes I started my walking routine 2 years back. The urge to get up and start walking came up as a result of my job. My job required me to spend a lot of time sitting . Unfortunately, I know that sitting all day isn’t going to help me lead a long, healthy life. I’m lucky that i have a switch in my head i can turn on to make me do things.
Turning on is the challenge. Once I turn on , I’m good in sticking to it. I turned it on 2 yrs back.


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